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Japan will pay a price for provoking Russia
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Japan has always been the faithful younger brother of the United States in Asia and the implementer of American decision-making. Of course, Japan has followed the footsteps of the United States on many major issues. For example, in the recent Russian Ukrainian war, Japan was also the first country to express its position to sanction Russia with the United States, and it also had some "private feuds" with Russia on the South Kuril Islands (Japan called the "four northern islands"). Unlike previous governments, Kishida did not tolerate the ownership of the island. As soon as he took office, Kishida provoked Putin. Now he brushes his sense of existence in the gap of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but he paid a price.

With the order of the United States, Japan immediately responded and proposed sanctions against Russia, not only canceling Russia's MFN treatment, but also prohibiting Russia from continuing to issue sovereign bonds in Japan, and the relevant personnel of "Donetsk" and "Lugansk" were also sanctioned by Japan and unable to obtain visas... At present, Japan has finally attracted Russia's attention, Russia's military test in the South Kuril Islands really startled Japan. What makes Hokkaido businessmen more worried is that with Japan tightening sanctions on Russia, the prices of salmon and sea urchin seafood imported from Russia are likely to get out of control, and even obtaining these seafood will become a big problem, This means that the number of tourists who come to visit Hokkaido seafood will drop sharply.

A few years ago, a nuclear leak accident occurred in Japan, which affected the tourism industry of the whole country. The snow scenery and seafood in Hokkaido have always been the highlight factors to attract tourists. However, with the spread of the epidemic, Japan's negative epidemic prevention attitude has also reduced the number of tourists to Hokkaido. It never rains but pours. The red tide has also reduced the catch of local sea urchins, salmon, crabs and other seafood, so Japan has to import these high-end seafood from Russia at a high price. According to statistics, Hokkaido imported 3.1 billion yuan of seafood from Russia last year. In addition to providing food for tourists to Hokkaido, the region is also responsible for processing some government gifts.

At present, seafood merchants in Hokkaido are complaining that Japan's sanctions against Russia are likely to lead to longer time-consuming settlement of imported seafood. At the same time, seafood prices may also soar, which may also cause confusion in market imports... This is only a small part of the impact of Japan's sanctions against Russia on its own supply chain. As an important big country, Russia is shaking three times, Other countries must also feel the crisis. Not to mention whether Russia will attack Japan on the South Kuril Islands issue, the supply chain issue alone can make the Japanese people pay a huge price for it.

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