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Russia announces sanctions against US President Joe Biden
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On the 15th local time, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia announced sanctions against US President Joe Biden.

Russia's foreign ministry announced that in response to a series of hitherto unknown sanctions, including the ban on senior officials in Russian Federation, Russia has been president Biden and Secretary of state Blinken since March 15th. Defense Secretary Austin, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Milly and other 13 heads of agencies and well-known American personalities were included in the "no entry list" of Russia on the basis of reciprocity.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that this is the inevitable result of the current US government's extreme anti Russian line. The US government is desperate to contain Russia in order to maintain hegemony.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that Russia will not resist official contacts. If it is in Russia's national interests and if necessary, Russia will go through the necessary formalities for the US personnel involved in the list in order to arrange high-level contacts.

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